Installation of our caps is not difficult. It just takes a little bit of care and attention. When we install them here at the shop we only use our hands. If you must you any type of tool you should only use a rubber mallet and use it gently tapping behind the clips. It is important to tap behind the clips so you do not crack the wheel cover. You can always give us a call with any questions. Our phone number is 1 800 340 4730. Mon-Fri 8-5 PST.

1) Make sure the loop on the ring of the wheel cover (on the inside) lines up with the cut out for the valve stem.

2) Rest the bottom of the cap in the wheel with the notch on the cap lined up with the valve stem on the wheel.

3) Gently work the rest of the clips into the wheel by pressing behind the clips with your hand, or a rubber mallet if necessary, while holding in the bottom with your knees. Holding the bottom in with your knees will prevent the bottom from coming out when you press the top in. You can also hold the bottom in with one hand while you work the other clips in it is difficult to hold in with your knees.